this week at the FPL


Today at the Front Porch Library Zion brought a guess-what-‘s-in-this-bag thing to share. It was not one, but two skulls he found in the woods. We were able to identify them as opossum skulls–dang, they have tiny little craniums, no wonder their best defense is to fake death. But my favorite Zion story of the day was watching him flip through a book of photos of Martin Luther King. Zion shook his head. “Man, I love this guy,” he said.

We continued reading “Be a Perfect Person in Three Days” and considered whether or not we would be willing to wear a bunch of broccoli around our necks if it helped us become perfect.

We sewed and glued, we got out the checkerboard and Talese taught the game to kids who had never before yelled the time honored words, “King me!” After she left I took over and screwed up the rules. It appears you can’t actually leap frog your own guy on your way to yelling “King me!” I will do some un-teaching next week.

The kids who came today were polite and focused, not the wonderful but crazy wrecking crew we sometimes have. It almost felt like cheating today’s crowd was so easy–and books were hauled out by the bag.

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