this week at the FPL

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Today the Front Porch Library roared back to life. The twins, Harper and Danny, were allowed to come on their own for the first time. Within minutes Jorge was watching them climb up into the mammoth lagustrum hedge. In the street, balls were flying (we have five counting Hunter’s personal Spalding).

We started a new read aloud, “Be a Perfect Person in just Three Days” then talked about the five Ws of storytelling–who, what, where, why, when–you know this stuff, right? Then the kids chose pictures and figured out what the five Ws would be for each.

Many kids did “reading with Miss Heather” and today we had strong readers.

We did the untouched art project from last week and I defrosted the cake and iced it.

I also mended pants for one of the kids (we are a full-service library). Another triumphant day at the FPL.

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