This week at the FPL

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What a day at the FPL! I did a program on dogs–I know, not too Christmassy, but we are expecting a visit from Therapy Dogs and needed to know things like the fact that dogs, like us, are left or right pawed, and that a dog’s nose print is as distinctive as a human finger print. The kids sat quietly, listening.

And then the wild rumpus began. To avoid the wild rumpus John had measured all the ingredients for the gingerbread ahead of time and I had made the dough for the sugar cookies. It made not one lick of difference. Our dough was too sticky, we glued it to rolling pins and counters, we chilled it madly and kept on going.

As the cookies came out of the oven: thick ones, thin ones, cookies that looked like amoebas and (as John said) cookies shaped like Australia, we carried them to the drafting table in the living room where they cooled and were decorated with every sprinkle known to Betty Crocker.

Meanwhile, on the floor, major building was going on. In the driveway ornaments were being made, and in the street the hoopsters were making sure no car could possibly pass.

We had ourselves one fine time–the last for this old year. Next Sunday, the FPL rests, so let me thank all of you who have come by the library and helped contain and direct the wild rumpus, and those of you who have supported us with your donations of books and money, and all of you who have pulled for us by reading these weekly reports. The FPL will rise again on January 5th–and whatever happens, you’ll be the first to know.

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