This week at the FPL

DSC03554 DSC03557


Today was cold and damp. The usual marauding bands of kids on bikes, skateboards and hoofing it were conspicuously absent. I wondered whether this meant we’d have a quiet day at the FPL. As always Max arrived first, and as always the first words out of his mouth were “Where’s Jorge?” Jorge is the Leon High volunteer Max considers his personal property.

Jorge came and the two of them attacked the buildable castle, reconfiguring it, Max spurning any attempt to get him to read the directions. Still the only kid, Max made the icing (violent turquoise) and sprinkled it up with every topping we had–a considerable number since I just restocked.

Heather and Hanna came. Penny and Hunter too. Volunteers were now outnumbering the kid 6:1. Austen arrived, breathless as always. Today he wore a sleeveless shirt. We were all cold on his behalf. He worked on a melty bead Pac Man tree ornament. Heather and Hanna sorted donations.

Zion joined us at the eleventh hour. He never took off his padded jacket with the furry hood, but got right into the castle building.

We were all a little grateful that the day was quiet–and there was a lot of confetti cake with blue icing for those of us who were there. Sometimes a quiet day at the FPL is a good day at the FPL. They can’t all resemble category 5 hurricanes.

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