this week at the FPL

The Front Porch Library is always a surprise Who will come? Lucky for me, volunteers Jennifer, Heather and John showed because we were overwhelmed with younger kids–of the size that needed stools to be tall enough to work on icing the cake.

We stayed agile, engaging short attention spans. John oversaw the building of the castle (my husband, Ray, found an elaborate buildable castle at Goodwill). John and Max came through and built it. Heather soldiered on, reading with individual kids (the famous “read with Heather” program).

Jennifer tried to remedy a mistake made last library day. We left a crate of books outside and it got rained on. Although some had pages that could be painstakingly teased apart. we had some sad withdrawals.

Today was one that caused us to stop and catch our breaths when the dust settled.

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