this week at the FPL

Today at the Front Porch Library we started out with a modest four kids and Paul Harvey and his program partner, Jesse, and a ring of chairs on the lawn and some jimbay drums–one for each of us and the kids kept coming and the circle got bigger and Paul produced drums for all and we played rhythms until our hands got sore and some of the neighbors came out on their lawns and held up their cell phones to share the wild rhythms coming from our street, and then some of us got up and danced, even those of us who should probably only dance in a very dark room, and we played until our hands hurt even more and it was time to pack the drums in Paul’s car and then we checked out a lot of books and shot hoops in the street, except for Max who went back to questing after air potatoes and all in all it was another fine day at the Front Porch Library–thanks Paul and Jesse!

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