this week at the FPL

Today, the first ever Front Porch Library field trip far, far exceeded my minimum hopes (that all make the trip safely and return home breathing). We caravaned to Opperman Auditorium for some youth orchestra entertainment. The youths in question wore Halloween costumes. Ever see a banana play the cello?

Our kids were a little eye-rolly during some of the more symphonic pieces, but perked right up for the Tallahassee Fiddlers and most especially for “The Composer is Dead.” The narration was written by Lemony Snickett and acted (and I do mean acted) by Tom Flanagan.

Our wonderful volunteer, Jennifer got us all in for free (even though she had to marry the conductor to make it possible–and today he was totally bald and had a hook nose that rivaled the living banana for size).

Another super day–and it wasn’t even at the FPL. We took the show on the road and everyone made it back, not only breathing, but smiling too. Maybe for the next trip I’ll raise my expectations.

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