This Week at the FPL





I wasn’t at the library today–an event so rare I fully expected the earth would stop turning and everything would go flying off: kids, basketballs, bicycles…but apparently they did fine without me. Here is Kary’s report (with help from our kid reporters):

Heather helped the kids make oobleck (a.k.a. slime, goo. gack) with glue and borax. There was a sticky batch (purple) and a non-sticky batch (green). Both batches were fascinating though the ones with the sticky batch wondered just what they’d gotten themselves into.

Heather also brought cornstarch for that surreal cornstarch-in-water experience. She was able to give the whole chemistry background of mega polymer chains that formed, etc. etc. but no one needed to know that to find it all incredibly cool.

There was lots of basketball playing in a game Jorge named “Chaos Basketball” since the usual traveling rules didn’t apply and teams huddled to discuss plays prior to the chaos ensuing.

I asked the kids to help document the day since Adrian was away and wouldn’t be able to write the weekly note. Here’s what they wrote:

“Today at the library we played basketball and read books that we now know.” — ten year old boy

“We ate cake.” — nine year old boy

“I enjoyed when we played with the goo.” — eight year old girl

“Do not eat gack or you will die.” — eleven year old girl

“I played basketball.” — six year old boy

“I liked attacking Jorge and I liked looking at giveaway books and I liked playing werewolves with Jorge.” — seven year old boy

And there you have it, the weekly news from the FPL. How did they get along without me?  (Adrian)

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