This week at the FPL

paint1 paint2 paint3

Today at the Front Porch Library we hit flood tide with 18 kids. We painted–boy did we paint! We pulled out an extra table (to add to our usual four) and the papers spread and the bowls of custom color proliferated. Then I remembered the container of glueable jewels so we added them and Nadia painted an accurate ROYGBIV rainbow and lots of kids painted their own bejeweled names.

At the boy’s table Corbin (whose hair is purple and blond this week) used the Jenga pieces as if they were dominoes and the Max turned them into a non-virtual Angry Bird game–only better, he said, because it was real and therefor would not rot your brain. Inside, Zion was building one of his elaborate castles.

In the street, three basketballs were in furious play. And that was when Tom Flanagan from WFSU came to look at our enterprise. We are lucky that he sees the beauty of non-brain-rotting Angry Bird games and kids, all busy making very individual messes. He is going to help us get the word out about our Library benefit on the 18th. Thanks, Tom!

Another wild and crazy day at the FPL! (I’ll finish the cleanup tomorrow).

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