This week at the FPL

It was emulsion day at the Front Porch Library. I know, I know, not a topic that springs to mind, but we have to come up with something every week. On our way to emulsions we covered solids, liquids and gases–and then entered the much trickier world of emulsions (those disparate liquids that co-exist like oil and water, or watery protein and butter fat).

Yup, milk was the subject, which brought us to that hero of yesteryear, the milkman and homogenization, and finally, to our real goal, which was making butter by shaking cream in a jar.

Everyone took turns shaking the jars and butter happened surprisingly quickly. The jam muffins we baked to put it on took substantially longer and caused a lot wider mess. We had two new little girls today, so small they sat on stools to stir and measure (measure being a relative term.) We made grape jam muffins and strawberry jam muffins. One of the little girls was allergic to milk so she had to measure (relatively) the dry ingredients, and of course Jeremiah remained seriously allergic to strawberries so he vacated the kitchen for that dozen–although he also brought his inhaler in case there was any accidental strawberry contamination.

We had fifteen kids if you count the three boys who biked up at the end, one of whom required bacitracin and Band-Aids.

I visited St. John Vianney Catholic School in Orlando last week and they gave us three giant cartons of books. Duplicates were free for the taking and the kids were really excited about pedaling away with Sponge Bob and Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies (this title may be inexact). Another rip-snorting day at the FPL.

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