This week at the FPL

Our gathering at the FPL was small today, but we soldiered on. Ryleigh iced the cake for Kary’s birthday–the icing was dayglo purple with large chocolate polkadots–it looked like a print Minnie Mouse would wear.

We continued the reading of “Frindle” while Jorge and the Max constructed various threatening vehicles out of the k-nects (or however you spell it) I picked up at Goodwill, only three or four parts missing.

We did our own version of 20 questions. The person did not think of the thing, they had the thing in a paper bag that only they had looked in. Certain questions came up regularly: Is it shiny? Can you eat it? But these are my two favorites: If I gave it to my grandmother would she be pleased? and, If I brought it to school would it cause alarm?

We’ve had a lot of birthdays at the FPL lately, so Kary’s candles were a little shorter than regulation, but with the Max’s help she blew them out and is therefor guaranteed to get her wish.

It rained off and on while we libraried, probably explaining the low turnout, but sometimes those are the best days. “More cake for us!” is the usual response–although what we do is send the extra cake home to mothers, siblings, people walking by in the street. That Minnie Mouse cake was good!

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