This week at the FPL




Today’s Front Porch Library Revelation: seven boys are equal to a category five hurricane, (or two dozen girls, unless they’re acting snippy). I crossed the street to the library house at three and the door to the porch spontaneously opened and there was Zion and his fabulous smile–and he was reading a book! That boy knows how to soften me up. What the heck? I thought and we went in to ice the cake. Three more boys pulled into the driveway. We iced the cake, sure, but we also blew up balloons, twanged my guitar, ran the timer, and generally rampaged.

More boys arrived–fortunately one of them was a high school volunteer, Hunter. Heather, Jennifer and Kary rounded out the adult contingent and Jorge (the Max’s personal volunteer) came too. We all had our hands full!

Today I decided we’d to take a look at optical illusions–they are very cool–and the illusions and the opticals did meet, if sporadically. Then we began taking photos for our FPL fundraiser in October (we need to drum up more supply money). We had a pack of fake mustaches so of course we donned them. All the boys, even Jordan, who wasn’t even wearing a shirt suddenly looked like distinguished barristers. They even sat in the rockers like men of means. The fake mustaches had a temporary restraining effect. As men with mustaches they had to live up to certain standards–and then the mustaches came off!

We painted like crazy (yup, I drew the old color wheel). Although we concentrated on how colors are mixed brown and gray were still the most commonly mixed colors. Hoops were hooped. Towers built with blocks. A cicada was found and took a slow walk across a lot of palms.

A good day at the FPL, but a bit like what a dog must feel with its head out the car window, its lips flapping.

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