This week at the FPL





Today at the Front Porch Library we finished our read-aloud of the chapter book, “George’s Marvelous Medicine.” We are very strong starters and weak finishers in the read-aloud chapter book department. You may be sad to know that at the end George’s grouchy grandmother shrank to the point of complete disappearance (or happy depending on your opinion of grouchy grandmothers).

A lot of kids were at the FPL–fourteen in total from 3 to about 14 years old. It was Zion’s eighth birthday for which I baked confetti cake–his request. The Max returned from visiting his dad in Michigan. He and our volunteer Jorge, who, when together at the FPL are joined at the hip (and delight in playing painful pranks on each other) were gleefully reunited.

Our project today was botany–the botany of autumn in Seminole Manor neighborhood to be exact–plants going to seed to be even more specific.

I had a few specimens collected on my morning walk. We talked about the strategies used by seeds to make sure they get disseminated–and then we scavenged the immediate environs of the library for as many different plants in seed as we could find, scissors in hand.

In the end we had 46 different species of plants on our collection table, everything from grasses to trees. The kids were really thrilled with the project which had a lot going for it. Scavenger hunts are always big–and for entertainment I don’t think you can beat mother nature. A most excellent day at the FPL!

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