This week at the FPL

School reopened this past week–and the Front Porch Library came back from its two week summer vacation today–and boy oh boy did it come back. The driveway was full of bikes that had been dropped in their tracks as if the Rapture had come for the twelve and under crowd.

After some serious kid rustling (they come in, they go out, they remember a friend they meant to bring along) I read a good chunk of a Raoul Dahl novel aloud while the boys built palaces on the floor with our assorted blocks and Legos (I definitely need to buy more).

Then we played a game in which one kid was given a word such as “ball” and then four words that could not be given as hints such as round, bouncy, inflated, you get the idea. It went pretty well.

Then we adjourned for hoops, crafts, and books. Corbin found a book with plans for elaborate paper planes complete with a pack of cool paper and began folding–he folded so many planes he was giving them away. They traveled to the street where they flew sorties through the basketball game.

We celebrated Hunter’s seventeenth birthday (Hunter is the volunteer in charge of hoops). I tried to get away with half a dozen candles but Ryleigh said that for under 20 every year needed a candle–more than 20, why bother? The cake would be wrecked by all the melted wax before the candles were blown out. Hunter took a long time making his wish. Luckily he blew them all out on the first try.

Alyssa used the bottle of lime juiice in the kitchen to improvise some limeade. At six, Jordan was still madly putting melty beads on little prongs so we kept the iron hot overtime. The house looks like a tornado went through it–and it did.

I’ll deal with it in the morning. Another fine day at the FPL.

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