This week at the FPL





The summer read-a-thon began with the pitching of the tent–this is after all a front yard daytime camp out. We also borrowed a propane tank and a Coleman stove from our neighbor Miss Freida (s’more equipment).

The scroll (an old roll of FAX paper) was readied for the list of books read. The kickoff was the reading aloud of the now-sacred FPL text, “Shark vs Train: Chew vs Chew,” followed by “The Boy Who Was Raised By Librarians.” Our group was small, but we read fast.

Widely read was, “Who Has a Belly Button?” Okay, we figured out that you have to be a mammal. Joke books were big. “What runs around the school but never moves?” The answer was not very funny.

Alyssa and Hunter fired up the Coleman and began burning marshmallows.

In the end we had read 36 books and eaten more than enough s’mores (not to mention groaned at a lot of unfunny jokes and marveled at info about the secret life of sharks).

And now, the library will take a much needed two week rest so that Kary and I can vacate. Expect our next report on August 25th. Until then, so as not to drive you crazy, the answer to that riddle is “a fence.”

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