This week at the FPL

melty beads1

melty beads2

It rained just a short while before library time–I hauled our outside tables inside and set up craft stations (beads: melty and regular), clay, pot holder weaving, drawing–you know, the basic Camp Front Porch Library fare. Then the rain blew through and it was sort of cool and sort of low humidity so we carried the tables back outside.

One yellow and orange potholder was woven by Zay.  A’miracle and Yemani made necklaces. Hoops were shot in the street. Jorge and Ryleigh once again tackled the back room (aka the black hole) and made one slight dent in the STUFF.

The cookie cake was made by Miss Genia and voted “the best cake we ever had.”

We talked about next week’s camp-out read-a-thon. There will be books and tents and s’mores. The camp-out will lack the dark of night, flashlights and latrines, but heck, you can’t have everything. We’ll let you know how many books we manage to read (or at least sample chapters thereof) in next week’s report. Another fine day at the Front Porch Library.

2 thoughts on “This week at the FPL”

  1. Zay loved the Front Porch Library, as did his Mom. It is awesome to remember what simple pleasures thought of and executed by a handful of creative, committed friends can bring to our days. We appreciate everyone involved….a lot!

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