this week at the FPL

It was library time and the rain was pouring down. Volunteers Jennifer, Jorge and Hunter ran in. Genia too. No kids we figured–and we had a wonderful guest speaker, Jan Annino, coming to get our kids’ reactions to her novel-in-progress–but maybe the rain would daunt her too. We began unloading stuff from the ever-buried back room and sorting. When the room was a total mess Jan arrived with her husband Paolo and daughter Anna–and then the kids began tumbling through the door!

It was a major drowned rat convention, and it just kept getting bigger! Jan read chapter one of her story about a mouse detective searching for a stolen amber manatee. The story was well received, but the interest in amber was overwhelming–especially after Jan passed her amber necklace around and everyone checked out the bug wings and legs that were included. We gave Jan and her buggy necklace a whopping round of applause, then made necklaces out of the beads I bought with the generous contributions we’ve gotten lately (thanks FPL supporters).

We used a lot of the alphabet beads, exhausting the Ns, probably the As too. If we make more we will have to change our names which is not a problem if you look at the situation with an open mind.

Another great day at the Front Porch Library.

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