This week at the FPL

tie dye2

tye die1

tie dye4

Here’s an update from the kids while Adrian’s away:

We tie dyed shirts. It was colorful and messy everybody went home with  blue, purple, and green fingertips (green to match the icing on the cake). Mrs. Genia said we all did a great job and she should know because this is the first time she tie dyed shirts too. Ha!

Volunteer Katie brought her sister Lindsey who used to be one of Mrs. Genia’s students in 4th grade and they remembered those good old days.

Oh, it’s time for the cake.  Got to go.  We all want to see if Mr. Ray’s cake is better than Ms. Adrian’s.

Signing off,

Iyana, Janicia, Zay, Lindsey, Katy, Alyssa, Hunter, Mrs.Genia, Ms.Kary and Ms. Jennifer

Epilogue: The cake was great. Thanks Ray.  And thanks a bunch, Mrs. Genia for the tye die supplies and help.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

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