This week at the FPL

Today at the FPL we did more everyday science with Miss Heather–of course it involved creating impressive geysers, what else? We moved our science table into the street and everyone formed a large respectful circle (respect was shown by standing at a geyser-safe distance). Science was occasionally suspended to let a car go by.

Using your average household items (mentos and coke) we created a geyser we estimated at 12 feet–it went over the basketball backboard. With colder Coke the geysers were less impressive–we noted all the parameters on a large pad.

We continued to use carbon dioxide for good not evil in the kitchen where we made pizza dough for the FPL birthday party (after a good discussion of how yeast works). A’Miracle, Dee Dee and Yemani kneaded the dough to within an inch of its life.

I also read a couple more chapters of Raoul Dahl–of course chemistry was involved–used for evil not good–but then, you know Raoul Dahl. Next week is the big birthday party–hope to see you all there!






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