This week at the FPL








Today is the library’s 4th birthday. Maya and I did all the get ready work at the library itself, which seems fitting to me. Maya has grown up along with the library. She and i scrubbed the floor about an hour before we opened our doors for the first time while my husband hung the last shutter.

We were doing the last of the cleanup when I dropped a glass which, of course broke (note to self, let it, don’t interfere). My next stop was Urgent Care, but all the good neighbors and friends of the FPL came through. When I got back everyone was eating our homemade pizza with many sides.

Jorge bought the library a present. We have had a poster (picked up free at a conference) for a book titled, “Shark vs Train: Chew vs Chew” that we have all pined for–and he found it! The best present ever.

The lidocaine is wearing off and my six finger typing is pretty sad so I will stop now, except to say it was another mighty fine day at the FPL.

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