This week at the FPL

At the Front Porch Library in a nod to Dad we brought in dry ice and made a whole lot of smoke (well vapor). Let’s be accurate here, this was an everyday science lesson compliments of Heather Whittaker. She did a great job of explaining sublimation (a process that turns a solid to a gas without bothering to become inconveniently liquid).
The kids had a great time blowing film cans up in the street and creating giant columns of bubbles.

A watermelon was purchased at the Watermelon Festival yesterday (at last, a melon with seeds) and we drew a chalk line on the road for the annual spit-off. Corbin reared back and fired the winning seed: 18’2″. A very respectable distance.

Next week, more everyday science, more explosions, and we will make the pizza dough for the library’s fourth birthday party, but today it was all spitting, fume production and a brisk trade in books. Summer has set in and reading is looking good. Another fine day at the FPL.

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