This week at the FPL





It was an exceptionally fine day at the Front Porch Library. As a nod to the “library” in our name I read some Raold Dahl–Dahl is the only one who can describe a grandmother’s prissy mouth as looking like a dog butt and get away with it. The kids appreciated his use of literary license.

Miss Genia, a second grade teacher at Canopy Oaks brought a wildly popular project, canvas back packs for the kids to paint, bejewel, stencil and otherwise decorate. There were basketball likenesses and rainbow blobs. Maya painted an array of mustaches.

Meanwhile in the kitchen the sauce for the birthday spaghetti/pizza was divided into vegetarian and meat-eater batches. Watermelon was cut.

A serious discussion over whether a feminist could shave her legs was had and there was, of course, some world class hoop shooting in the street interrupted by drivers who thought they were on a road. Another very fine day at the FPL.

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