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Today it was all fruits and vegetables at the FPL. Imagine a one butt kitchen with six of us in there–several with knives, cutting up the last of the frozen tomatoes from last summer season, fresh-dug onions, celery. We are getting a running start on the fourth birthday celebration of our neighborhood library. As I write this, we have a large pot of spaghetti sauce bubbling on the stove. We also got a surprising amount of tomato juice on the floor.

Then we did a series of watermelon photos for a video. Boring, you say? Not if you have a variety of jiggley eyes–which we did.

We sang happy birthday to both Jorge and Becky (vanilla cake with kelly green icing). Baskets were shot like crazy in the street with Hunter wearing the kids down. Another good day at the library–and a great start to summer vacation.

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