This week at the FPL


Library was quiet today–the pool at the nearby trailer park just opened for the season. Books or canonballs? Guess which won. But we soldiered on, planning the library’s fourth birthday celebration next month. We always invite the neighborhood in for a pot luck cooked by the kids. Last year it was pasta with sauce made from our garden vegetables–very cheap and plentiful. We fed 45–or was that 25? I know it ended with a 5 and filled the entire yard. This year we’d like to make pizza. Cheese is the problem. Can we afford it? The answer is yes! Thanks to generous donations, mozzarella here we come!

We also adjusted the basketball hoop which has been leaning at a ridiculous angle since being donated to the library. It took four people, WD-40 and many less-than ideal tools, but we got it done. I got an inkling about how the pyramids were built. Get enough people working together and even the wrong tools turn out to be okay.

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