This week at the FPL








The Front Porch Library was closed for Mother’s Day. As always attendance is lower after a week off–how quickly they forget–but Curtis and Jeremiah arrived quite early and Curtis said he’d seen Michelle Obama make sweet potato chips and he remembered the recipe. So we gave it a try (bandaids were required but only two). We only had white potatoes, but we also had garden carrots and they made great chips too. Ours were probably rubberier than Michelle’s, but heck, she’s the first lady, and more kids and adults arrived to share them.

Hoops were shot in the street, sunflowers planted in the library yard and some stealth math crept in when we read “Alexander, Who Was Rich Last Sunday” as we added up how, exactly, he managed to squander a whole dollar in 32 pages. A fine, relaxed day at the FPL.

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