This week at the FPL








The FPL filled up early–today with girls. Zay had new contacts (she blinked a lot). Nadia wanted to play my guitar. Being a confident girl she said she knew how. Whatever it was she was doing she enjoyed it. Iyana took over the baking. This week, no cake, we were making batches of whole wheat jam muffins.

Isaiah returned. Having had a great time last week he brought his sisters and his mother. This is a family that reads! Isaiah is one of those kids who shows off the girth of the books he checks out. His sisters helped Miss Kary with a sunflower seed starting project. Kary has signed us up to be part of a citizen scientist project counting pollinators–but first we need something for the pollinators to pollinate.

Miss Heather came with her two daughters and had all the kids making flamboyant tissue flowers for their mothers (you know what next Sunday is, right?). Even the boys left with huge papery bouquets.

Jeremiah and I finished stuffing and sewing the fabric dog we started last week. His lucky mom will get paper flowers and a jaunty blue dog.

Our high school volunteers, Hunter and Katie were a huge help as always; Hunter shooting hoops and Katie working in the flower factory and making sure the muffins didn’t burn due to lack of supervision.

The muffins, hot from the oven, spread with jam were a huge hit. And now, having eaten hearty whole wheat muffins and made colossal bouquets, the library and all its kids and volunteers will rest next Sunday. Rest and hang out with our moms (or in my case I will be the mom spending that day with my daughter and grandson in New Jersey–oh boy!). Another fine day at the library.

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