This week at the FPL

The boys began squealing into the library driveway on their bikes about 10:30. Meanwhile, Becky and I were blowing leaves in that same driveway on the theory that wet leaves might be contributing to library mosquitoes. “Four o’clock,” we said. And said. I think they were circling the block and stopping in to see us after each round.

After a while their circle must have gotten bigger. At four Zion was the sole survivor of the roving band and he got our full attention. The others wandered back. Curtis and Jeremiah won the guess-what-number I’m thinking contest. They iced the cake with Katie’s help—Curtis poured all the milk in (we never pour all the milk in—Curtis is new to icing). Katie soldiered on, and the cake sat in a pink puddle.

I did another program on Florida (this is happy birthday Florida month). In addition to serious Florida, did you know that it is illegal to sky dive on a Sunday if you are a single woman? Really. We also discussed the Floridan Acquifer. We sewed stuffable animals , we pulled the cardboard dragon out of the bedroom and stared at its sorry state—Muriel started a game of Clue and Hunter a game of basketball. Girls wandered in, diluting the boys a little. We sang happy birthday to DeeDee and Heather who both have a birthday on Tuesday. Another fine day at the library.

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