This week at the FPL


world’s smallest carrot




I skidded into library time on a banana peel having played at the Chain of Parks Show in the morning and helped my buddy, Nancy, sell her pottery at the show. And when I slid in the boys on bikes were circling, issuing their usual cry, “Is the library open yet?” It wasn’t. Yet. But when it did we had a great gathering and some rather educational activities (don’t tell them that).

I did a program on Florida’s 500th birthday beginning with that map of Pangea I would have sprung on them last week had we not been rained out. We looked at Paleo-Indian artifracts (Pangea and Indian artifacts both prove Florida was not invented by Ponce de Leon). I also had artifacts from Florida wildlife like part of an armadillo shell and a raccoon skull. We made a list of all the attributes of Florida we could name. Number one on the list: hot.

Then we had a guest who talked about life in Haiti (not related exactly, but we welcome any and all speakers who generously come).

We continued to piece quilts, the boys built with Legos and shot hoops. We also washed and ate carrots out of Kary’s garden. Believe it or not, every kid who chomped one invariably said, “What’s up Doc?”

The Max and Jasper came from a festival and both had their faces painted like Spiderman. Both Spidermen sat cross-legged on the blanket and snapped together Legos. Another fine day at the library.

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