This week at the FPL

rainday1 rainday2 rainday3

I don’t know whether it was the tornado warning or the torrential downpour but it was a quiet day at the at the Front Porch Library. Maya was the only kid–and as she will tell you she is not really a kid but the library’s official cake decorator and technical adviser. She iced the chocolate cake orange, then helped me work on finishing a quilt for one of our girls who moved away unexpectedly but would sure like her quilt to remember us by.

Jennifer continued to catalog our latest donation. Kary thought a small-scale dragon would be nice. Becky added conversation. I had set up a way-cool display to begin the very serious business of considering Florida on its 500th birthday. For perspective I had gone back a ways leading up to Ponce De Leon–actually back to Pangea, but what the heck. I left the display set up. Pangea can wait a week for more kids.

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