This week at the FPL

IMG_3189It was a beautiful day in our neighborhood. And though we hardly knew what to do with ourselves at The Front Porch Library with Adrian away — she was singing for her supper, I think — we managed just fine. One of the reasons we were just fine was the wonderful group of volunteers that helped today.

Betsy and her sister Mary brought lots and lots of books to refresh our collection. This had Jennifer hopping and enlisting Maya, Jordan, and Heather to help with getting the books on the shelves. Jennifer was particularly enthused by the complete collections of the Harry Potter books, Naria series, and the Inkheart Trilogy. Those books will be in kids’ hands soon. Thanks so much!


While Betsy delivers books quite well, her real talent seemed to be in Lego assemblage and associated fantasy test flights of Lego creations. Two large boxes of donated Legos were the favored building materials of three young boys today. Jorge orchestrated several imaginary battles among the elaborate space vehicles and managed to convince the kids that they would have to simply describe the battles because crashing their constructions would be too destructive and heart-breaking given how much time they had spent on them. In honor of Jorge’s foresight, he got to win a battle.

IMG_3188Our recycled dragon is taking on the shape and dimensions of an actual dragon rather than just stacks of cardboard parts. Thank you Muriel, Hannah, Hunter, Maya, and Jorge. Next week we’ll do something related to Florida’s 500th birthday … maybe we’ll try to figure out which local spring could have been Ponce DeLeon’s famed “Fountain of Youth” … who knows!

One thought on “This week at the FPL”

  1. I love the idea of the FPL. My name is Donna Briggs, and I’m currently a student at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. I chose Adrian as the YAL author as the subject of an assignment in my Middles Grades Reading Education class. I was wondering if I might get permission to use pictures from Mrs. Fogelin’s website, and this website in my powerpoint presentation.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Donna Briggs

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