This week at the FPL

cat3It was 1:30 and the kids were circling, three bikes going around and around in front of The Front Porch Library. They were ready, but I wasn’t. I told them, come back at three. They said they were thirsty. I got out the cooler of ice water and the mugs, told them to put their mugs someplace safe—and come back and use them again at three o’clock. They made it to about 2:30. Close enough.

We ended up having a wonderful neighborhood gathering today. Essynce chose to celebrate her 8th birthday with us. That brought in many members of her family and a cupcake cake (a new one on me, a bunch of cupcakes shoved together and iced). Essynce, when not being celebrated, worked on her quilt.

Yemani, who draws wonderfully alive animals, made one out of fabric, a cat with great button eyes. I’m sure Kary will post a photo of it on our blog.

Miss Alison shot baskets in the street with Osten. Katie perfected her potholder making skills. D’eveontae and Zion built a fabulous castle in the living room. Jorge became the Clue Master Detective.

I read an Arnold Lobel poetry book (love poems to unlikely recipients) that had the kids in stitches, and told them that we would have an important visitor, soon. As part of the hoop-dee-rah of the Florida Book awards I had lunch at the Governor’s mansion. Ann Scott hosted the event. Knowing that she is a big supporter of libraries and literacy I gave her a DVD of our reading video and told her about our very local library. She graciously offered to come for a visit. Holy cow!

As always, we want to get the most educational bang for our buck (okay she’s coming for free, but still), so next month in preparation for her visit, we will learn about Florida which will be celebrating its 500th official birthday. We will also cook something. Something fabulous that takes many, many, cooks. We will be a library she remembers!


One thought on “This week at the FPL”

  1. Brava! Adrian & Crew.
    And this doesn’t surprise me about Ann Scott, who cares deeply that each and every child love books as much as she does. brava!brava!brava all around!
    So much good keeps springng out of your writing, and from the Florida Book Awards.


    ps can’t wait to see the photos from the visit!

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