this week at the FPL

here's proving that we still read at the library too
here’s proving that we still read at the library too

Yesterday I was with the group of women who gather on St. George Island for a writer’s retreat each Fall. I gave them the tour of the Front Porch Library and they gave me a nice card with $90 in it. Feeling very rich I went out and bought some quilting supplies. I was tempted by a set of Lincoln logs, but resisted. Library expenditures must be paced.

So today the quilting at the FPL went forward. Long strips of squares are now being joined to others—and we got a fresh infusion of fabric from my buddy Peggy so there are now hippos and Easter eggs and gold stars—and probably thirty other new prints to choose from.

Meanwhile, Kary was folding newspaper starter pots for plants for the community garden with some of the kids and Katy was overseeing the boys in the yard—some of the time in the rain—you go Katy!

We had an injury—and I can tell you it hurt like the dickens because it was my knee that was in the path of a heavy toy sports car. Let’s just say that The Max has a throwing arm to be reckoned with and I have a knee that is larger than it was when I got up this morning. So, I will keep my knee elevated and, hey, it was another great day at the FPL.



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