This week at the FPL

beautiful day4

Today at the Front Porch Library the tide of kids was at flood stage. We had 15 kids from ages four to sixteen. Work on the Dragon went forward but most of the kids were tracing squares and rectangles onto cloth for their quilts, ironing fabric and learning, or reminding themselves how to lower the presser foot, thread the sewing machine needle, and then sew without including fingers. As for overseeing adults we had me, Kary and the ever reliable Jorge—a couple more would have been welcome.

I had a rare treat today. The family that was one of the reasons the library was started (they moved away), came back for library time. They were bigger, but just as smart and polite and fun to be around as I remembered. Sometimes I feel like a teacher who gets attached to students and never sees how they turn out. I got an inkling of how these kids are turning out and they are turning out great.

In the street some fine hooping was going on, but I was mostly overseeing the action at the sewing machine. Speaking of which, if anyone around town has fabric scraps or unused yard goods they’d like to donate we sure could use them.

It was another fine day at the Front Porch Library.

beautiful day2


beautiful day3

beautiful day1

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