This week at the FPL


From Kary:

Adrian made an early exit today — off to be a famous author wooing thousands of school kids — so I’ve stepped in to write the update.

It was a chilly and breezy afternoon with only the hardiest library patrons in attendance.  Zion arrived by bike, Nadia on roller skates, Maya on foot, and Max and Jorge by their respective parent taxis.  Adrian’s read aloud was A Frog in a Bog, enjoyed for its rhymes and general goofiness.  Then we set to staging some book photos for our long-awaited video that is being edited this week.  Followers will note that it was about a year ago that the original video footage was collected by Jen’s cousin Amber, the filmmaker.  She’s asked for some pics to convey the sheer number of books we have in our collection.  So we gathered the picture book crates and stacked them around in monstrous piles, then inserted kids to make it look really authentic.  Goofiness prevailed here too.  And we all found one or two titles we hadn’t noticed before that begged a closer look.

The rest of our time was filled with games of checkers (inside) and basketball (outside – I told you those kids are hardy) and the completion of a 5 foot floor puzzle.  We finished with snack and a couple books going home.  Adrian was missed, just minutes after her departure.  When you start your own front porch library, I suggest you have an Adrian in your midst.  To our kids, she’s not a famous author very often.  She’s just a fun neighbor to spend a couple hours with … who also happens to bake delicious cakes!



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