This week at the FPL


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Today at the Front Porch Library work continued on the cardboard dragon. According to Kary, “We made great progress on the scales,” but that was going on in the far distant kingdom of the lawn.

I was working in the driveway, sewing with girls who have never before run a sewing machine. We were taking everybody’s scrap fabric and discarded garments and setting out to make lap quilts. But first they had to learn to lower the presser foot, pin the fabric so the right sides were together, and in one case, how to use a scissors.

Zaye cut a pocket out of a shirt so she’d have a place to store things in her quilt. Essynce put together the longest string of squares, and learned that you don’t treadle the foot peddle or the machine runs like a car about to stall, and Iyana added, “Sewing is a lot like driving a car, isn’t it?”

As always, our volunteers were great (and today they included my sister, Claudia). Jorge came in sick, but played many games of checkers. Christy shelved and taught scissors 101. Katy did a little of everything including heading up the street ball game. Muriel helped Kary and some of the kids in the dragon factory, and everyone wondered whether someone should tell our neighbor, Bill, that he had left his dog, Binky, in the car. Luckily, Bill remembered.

Another fine day at the FPL.

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