This week at the FPL

here’s hoping a dragon emerges from that pile of cardboard


Today was dragon building day at the FPL. How, you may ask, does dragon building connect to recycling? Easy. Kary rescued all the cardboard off the side of the road. We are putting it together with slots (no duct tape whatsoever). When finished it should be (if our dreams come true) about six feet tall.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen Jorge was heading up (in a guy kind of way) the slicing of strawberries. Iyana manned (or girled) the second knife, then picked out the leaf parts Jorge thought were okay to include. Anastasia whipped up the heavy whipping cream with an old hand beater, “Is this what it’s like before they put it in the can?”

Two of my favorite kids (ask me about any of them–they are all my favorites–still) Ryleigh and Corbin moved away but came back for a visit bringing their friend Autumn. Ryleigh has dyed her hair black with orange ends, “In honor of Halloween.”

Zion, the Max and I brought a piece of our homemade strawberry shortcake to a neighbor whose husband recently died. We all sat at her table and chatted. They guessed her age. “Fourteen?” “Thirty?” Close. She is seventy-four. Another good day at the library!




3 thoughts on “This week at the FPL”

  1. A Library Dragon of a different sort! I bet I know a certain fab. picture book book about Ms. Lotta Scales, which will be read at some point doing the creation of this friendly dragon.
    Brava! to the Front Porch gang!

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