This week at the FPL

recycled printing5
Dream Big Valentine!


Like last week, the library was incredibly busy today. Luckily our volunteers came through! Jorge was there to keep any of us from catching fire–and we didn’t. I had set up a table with the recyclables for our, “Can this be recycled?” drill. The wind was so high that it kept blowing everything off the table—and we kept putting it back.

We had three new kids today so the recycling test was uphill for them. Hopefully, after the other kids put their knuckles on their hips and said, “Duh, you can’t recycle a battery ‘cause it’s poison,” they’ve learned not to throw those poisonous batteries in the trash.

By popular demand, we did the recycling relay race. We also did a printmaking project for Valentine’s Day, with the recycling angle thrown in. We drew on the foam trays that meat comes on, denting the foam so that when we rolled ink on, the dented areas stayed white and the rest printed. The big challenge for the kids was writing backwards.

recycled printing1

I brought out the sewing machine again and we continued with the feverish manufacture pillows. I’m proud to know that in this neighborhood we are turning out kids, including boys, who know how to thread and run a sewing machine without injury.

We celebrated Katy’s birthday, singing loudly, shot a few hoops, drew pictures of glamorous girls—another fine day at the library.

recycled printing2

recycled printing4

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