This week at the FPL

whole wheat muffins sweetened with jam –YUM!

Whoa! That was a lively Front Porch Library session! It was one of those days on which we were understaffed and over-kidded. On the adult team: me, Kary and Katie (an honorary adult from Leon High). Even Jorge, whose unofficial title is “He Who Keeps the Kids From Catching Fire” was absent.

The kids came in waves and we quickly abandoned our carefully made plans—no recycling walk today. We didn’t have enough adults to make road walking safe.

So, what did we do you are wondering? Katie defended the kitchen while helping the kids make whole wheat muffins. In the living room, Lego garages rose on the red rug. The Max kept losing a small motorcycle and rider he’d brought with him. It added a “Where’s Waldo” element to the day. We had to keep helping a distraught Max find the little guy (ultimately Max left without the toy—it turned up under the drafting table after he had left).

garages rising

Motorcycle man’s most crafty hiding place was tangled up in the fabric on the sewing machine table. Amidst the chaos, Makaila was learning to use a sewing machine. She was so intent she forgot to eat a muffin, but she and I went over the basics needed to run a sewing machine and she spent two hours practicing.

Kary was the queen of potholders made on those little loop looms.

A spell-off revealed that the four girls competing were all pretty savvy about the illogic of the English language.

We had one jump rope accident (a rope burn) that required a lot of girl-huddling and sympathy.

Whew! Hopefully next week Jorge will be there. I don’t know about the kids, but Kary, Katie and I were definitely in danger of catching fire.

the spell-off
the spell-off
learning to machine stitch

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