This week at the FPL

going on a trash hunt

Unofficially, library began at 1:30 when I walked over to get ready and found Zion reading in one of the rockers—he couldn’t wait. Then Austin wheeled up to show me his scooter and, oh heck, I gave in to the greater force of library gravity and opened. Volunteers began to arrive, more kids.

It was week two of saving the planet at the FPL. We did more drills on what recycles, what doesn’t and what you don’t even want to throw in the trash. Muriel, one of our, Leon High volunteers, did a presentation about the Pangea-like continent of plastic afloat in the Pacific. We were all horrified—really. Then we did a warm-up recycling relay race (a rematch of last week’s event and once again Nadia, Zion and Maya won). Then we were ready to pick up trash and recyclables around the neighborhood.

This week we tackled Rankin Avenue and the powerline cut. Our pickup yielded 16 pounds of recyclables (mostly bottles and cans from alchoholic beverages) 6 pounds of garbage, two Kenny Chesney CDs, one snake skin and a gopher tortoise shell. We threaded beads on a string. 22 of them, one for each pound collected—we’ll see how long that string of beads can get before we move to another topic.

We also brought flowers to a neighbor whose husband recently died. It is especially fitting since Bobby spent his morning walk picking up trash in the neighborhood—we are honoring him and taking up where he left off. Little by little we are building community and doing our bit to keep plastic Pangea from growing.

The winners
photo credit: Nadia
photo credit Mikailah
photo credit: Mikailah

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