This week at the FPL

pink iced cake

This must be what happens when you break a familiar routine–skip three Sundays at the FPL and the only kid who shows is Maya, daughter of Kary (aka co-mother of the FPL). She instantly became part of the steering committee planning the next two months events (our volunteers came). In our collective wisdom we decided that recycling would be our next project (not exciting?–it is if you turn some of it into a dragon).

We walked to the new community garden and sampled the radishes. “Why do people grow these vile things?” Jorge demanded.

And we ate ridiculously large slices of chocolate cake decorated with lurid pink icing–I thought it was the kids who favored the weird-colored icing but our volunteers from Leon High like it too.

Next week we hope to have participants for the recycling relay race.

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