This week at the FPL

christmasforthebirdsThanks again to all of you who bought the “Made From Scratch” CD. The Front Porch Library is floating high thanks to your musical support (I feel so rich when I need supplies). Today it was cookie baking day at the library (lots of supplies required).

Katie and Dana rolled the dough, all the kids cut out the shapes they liked best (although un-Christmasy the dinosaur cutter saw a lot of action).

AJ was the icing master, whipping up bowl after bowl of colorful icing. Everyone iced. And sprinkled. And used these very cool icing writers to add detail to their fish/santas/doves/flowers/hearts/stars—and yes, dinosaurs.We also strung popcorn and coated pinecones with peanut butter and birdseed and decorated the small but patient magnolia near the library door (always a target of runaway decoration).

The FPL will be closed for the next two Sundays so the staff may rest and make dinosaur cookies with family members.

Merry Christmas to all from the FPL!









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