This week at the FPL

meltybeads11Veronica arrived at the FPL first with an impressively bad cold. Nadia topped the cold. At church today she got hit in the eye with a slap bracelet (we administered eye drops and an eye patch). Still, we soldiered on.

It was demolition day at the library. We tore pallets apart to salvage the wood for raised beds at the new community garden. At the more demure end of the activity scale we did melty beads at the table (for those unfamiliar with melty beads you stick the plastic beads on the little prongy template to make a cool pattern, then apply a hot iron and voila—an ornament!).

Savannah and I discussed the fantasy stories she is writing, Ostin and Zion shot hoops with a stray soccer ball, Makila opened the dragon-building kit and built a few dragons. Terra turned 41 and we sang happy birthday—-she demanded that it be off-pitch and we obliged.

The cake flavor? Funfetti with electric pink icing.










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