This week at the FPL


The Front Porch Library was closed last Sunday after Thanksgiving (and we heard about it!). Today our buddy Ben came to do week three of nutrition—but while waiting for more audience to show we began teaching the ancient sport of checkers. The Max played his first game ever against Dana. Max had many creative ideas when it came to moving a checker. Then Ben drew us some cool diagrams of HDL and LDL cholesterol. We took our resting pulses and were all surprised to find that a lower number was good news.

Then we gathered around the table with a dreidel and a jar of pennies. One of our volunteers said, so, the dreidel is a Jewish gambling game? Who knew? We won and lost quite a few pennies. Balls were thrown. Books were circulated (you were wondering when we’d get to books, weren’t you?). The cake today was marble, the icing purple (so far good nutrition is theoretical). Another fine day at the FPL!

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