This week at the FPL

Feeling flush with the money raised by the CD release party I bought—loads of fruits and vegetables! Pumpkins, of course (little ones so each kid could carve their own) but also lemons, oranges and tiny eggplants. They were carved and decorated into a fine menagerie of goofy animals. Some of the lemons-turned-creature took up residence inside the pumpkins. You will have to see Kary’s photos to get the full effect.

We also had each kid submit a suggestion for “scariest thing ever” then voted on which truly was scariest. “Zombies” won, but “my mom” came in a very close second.

It was so cold I felt sure that apple bobbing would be out, but the library kids are traditionalists. We always bob for apples! So we did.

Katie, one of our Leon High Key Club volunteers baked pumpkin cupkakes—this on top of the funfetti cake with candy corn decorations. We are building up their tolerance for sugar in preparation for Wednesday.












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