this week at the FPL

Today at the Front Porch Library was Garden Sign Painting, Part Two (we needed to resupply our paints in order to finish). Kary and I found some cut-off pieces of wood by the roadside and saw them for what they were. Potential garden signs! And so, many new signs were added. “Put whatever vegetable or flower you like on your sign,” we said. We now have a nice painting of a packet of French fries, and my favorite, a sign saying, “On to Cabbages!” for the weary seeker of a cruciferous vegetable who needs encouragement to go on looking.

Shoelaces were fabricated for Zion. Brianna and Veronica sewed heart-shaped pillows, but the best moment of the day for me was when Ryleigh and Corbin walked in. They’ve moved to Georgia and I have really missed them. I practically knocked them over hugging them. “It is strange to be in a place with nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon,” Ryleigh said wistfully.

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