This week at the FPL

An update from Kary since Adrian was away singing this afternoon …

First let me say that this week’s FPL update (and all the activities associated with it) would not have been possible without the able help and assistance of Leon Key Club volunteers Jorge, Katie, Dana, Muriel, and Lydia.  They kept our three ring circus performing without a single misstep.

Library hours started with the traditional icing of the cake (it was an ambitious grey —  “we’ve never tried to make gray before”).  Then Zion, Nadia, and I went down to the neighborhood Community Garden to pick a watermelon we hoped would be ripe enough to enjoy.

Our project was painting signs for the newer, bigger, better neighborhood Community Garden that is getting installed over the next few weeks.  I explained to the kids that there would be a children’s garden too and asked them to paint pictures of veggies they’d like to see grown in the garden or inspirational sayings (i.e., things one could whisper to a plant for encouragement like, “GROW”).  Their efforts were limited by our supply of paint, which they used completely and with impressive result.  We’ll get some more paint and finish up next week.

In the meantime, here are a few other snapshots from this week:

** the additional of a new family whose younger member inspired some on-the-front-porch book read-a-louds, including Lydia’s annotated version of Sharon Creech’s Love That Dog — precious!

** examination of a lively earthworm that emerged when we were moving the picture book crates

** a spirited lego-building session where the boys talked more than I’d ever heard them before and Muriel seemed to be having as much fun as they were

** a ‘sweet’ game of Candyland where the lucky winner was the youngest player who was playing without her mom’s help for the first time

I’d say it was a good day at the library today.

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