this week at the FPL

Four o’clock came mighty early today at the Front Porch Library–at 2:30 to be exact when Veronica, Diamond, and Zion knocked at my door. When Veronica cried because four o’clock was too far away I opened the library. We brought out the drawing materials and had a lively game of Twister on the porch—not a very dignified pastime for a mature woman in a skirt.

Our Leon High volunteers began to arrive: Dana and Katie, Jorge and Muriel. More kids trickled in. We decorated the cake (a fetching green with gummy bears perched in poses not much more dignified than those of the Twister players, in honor of Veronica’s birthday). Kary came, lugging paperwork—if not for Kary our library would be undocumented mayhem.

Today we looked at coats of arms and talked about their uses, then designed some of our own (kids and volunteers both). The kids included everything from flowers to peace signs to their own names, in large, threatening letters. Our volunteer Jorge, wrote as his motto “Two years of keeping kids from catching fire,” his designated job at the library.

The designs were transferred to Shrinky-Dink plastic (yes we had a couple sheets left over from an earlier project). They were elaborately colored, then everyone knelt on the kitchen floor and watched the miracle of shrinkage going on inside the oven. As soon as the smallened coats of arms cooled down and were flattened with a spatula we hung them on embroidery floss. Each kid went home with their personal coat of arms hanging proudly around their neck. Another fine day the FPL.

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