This week at the FPL


Today was brush-bot day at the library—Kary’s project. What is a brush-bot you may ask? Think toothbrush and small motor. It was also torrential rain day. We used every thick towel we had to dry the kids off. Soggy shoes lay in a sad heap on the porch.

But back to the brush-bots. Toothbrush handle removal was step one. Then there was the sticky tape, the motor, the wires that had to be stripped and twisted together. But when finished a brush-bot vibrates in your hand like a bug.

What did we do with the brush-bots? We painted pictures, attempted a race or two, stood the bots back up on their bristles every time they flopped on their sides. This was all more arduous than it sounds. We had to take a break to eat the vegan chocolate cake our volunteer, Katie, had baked. The kids decorated it with drippy chocolate icing, crushed chocolate cookies, and gummy worms. Yes, we revived ourselves with a mud cake.

If you like the library, here’s a heads-up about a fundraiser for the FPL—brush-bots and gummy worms cost money! Hot Tamale (Miss Adrian of the library, and Craig Reeder, library friend) are having a CD release party on October 26 at Bird’s Oyster Shack.

Can’t make it? You can still get the CD and support the library. The CD, “Made From Scratch” is $10, including shipping. Just e-mail me if you’re interested in ordering one: The kids, volunteers, and brush-bots of the FPL thank you!

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