This week at the FPL

Here’s this week’s Front Porch Library report, working backwards. The last act of the day was cartwheels on the lawn. The most surprising belonged to our Leon High volunteer, Dana (you remember him, the 6 foot 13 guy). He claimed he’d never done one, but if that was so he acquitted himself admirably.

The kids charged across the lawn one after another turning cartwheels like a fast spill of water. Zion did so many in a row he ended up in the bushes. Watching them, you might have noticed the striking amount of paint on their hands. Painting preceded gymnastics—lots of painting.

The highlight of the day was meeting Hope, a therapy dog belonging to my friend Laura. The kids liked her, although Nadia at first said Hope made her nervous. “I’m not used to calm dogs.”

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, books were being cataloged. On the porch, shelves were being read. Halfway through library time, Tiffany brought her baby, Zoe for her weekly board book selection. Zoe prefers the ones that taste good. Everyone went home with instructions to be sure to come next week. Next week is Big Program week. We are building brush-bots—details to follow.

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