This week at the FPL

Today I told the kids of the Front Porch Library about my friend Mackenzie, a deaf girl who just graduated from high school. I showed them all the wonderful art project she had done about books. Then we tried our hand (literally) at finger spelling our names. Then we learned a few signs (Kary knows some), then invented a few. They were impressed by the picture of Mackenzie, on the job at the allig
ator farm. I wanted them to see a life that was going really well against long odds.

Then we did Shrinky Dinks (a non sequitur, I know). We also worked on designs for the soon-to-be-released Hot Tamale CD, which will be a fundraiser for the library (synergy!). It was a calm day at the library. All the kids were girls. Coincidence? I think not.

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